Pete Rose Requests Reinstatement To MLB

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred says he has received a formal request from Pete Rose asking that his lifetime ban be lifted and that he will consider the all-time hits leader’s request “on its merits.”, according to ESPN.

Rose was suspended for betting on baseball by commissioner Bart Giamatti in 1989, and his occasional requests of commissioner Bud Selig to be allowed back into the game were not approved, but Rose may see a potential opening for reinstatement with Manfred’s appointment in January.

Manfred said he would like to take time to review the paperwork of Giamatti and investigator John Dowd, who filed the report on Rose’s betting for MLB. Rose denied for many years that he had bet on baseball, but eventually admitted he bet on baseball, and his own Reds team, while managing the Reds.

Manfred said he has received no lobbying from the Hall of Fame regarding Rose. The presumption is that he’d be allowed on the Hall of Fame ballot if he were to be readmitted to the game.

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