African Violet Self Watering Pots

African Violet Self Watering Pots

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Indoor Plants are part of the family. The solution of keeping your plant alive with

water at the right time in the correct amount, the right fertilizer without multiple

prescriptions has been solved at Ndoor™ Plants.
Ndoor™ plants have ONE fertilizer for ALL of your indoor plants, specifically formulated

to give luxurious growth, abundant blooms with the ease of once a month tending.
African Violets can be the easiest of all plants to maintain at optimum blooming and

luscious growth. Our E-CUBE™ watering system allows for self watering for a month, visual

monitoring, and elegant displaying of all of your prize African Violets. Examining,

trimming and watering is made easy with the Ndoor™ E-CUBEZ™.
This Plant Portal is the information hub to learn how to keep your beautiful plants alive

without holding their hands 24/7.

African Violet Self Watering Pots


Allysian Sciences Review by Louann Young

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10.8pt;background:white;vertical-align:top”>I started taking Mastermind and Genesis in March 2015. Now I am consuming Genesis, Elements and Omega. Sinless Chocolate is my treat. At this moment I am drinking a cup of Rise coffee.Improved my memory and focus. More energized and motivated. My brain fog and state of overwhelm is gone since consuming the products. I have more clarity and focus. My afternoon naps are no longer needed and I no longer feel overwhelmed by life’s demands.

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Allysian Sciences Review

Colloidal Silver

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Our healthy immune system is responsible for warding off virus and bacteria. A natural immune support would be Colloidal Silver 1100 PPM. This true colloidal silver contains deionized water, pure silver, with a minute particle size of 0.001 micron and a silver concentration of 1100 PPM (parts per million). Colloidal Silver in vitro kills bacteria and viruses.Wall Street Journal (read more). N-ergetics was started in1999 with natural colloidal silver as an alternative to the excessive prices of brick and mortar businesses. At that time 4 oz. of 1100 PPM silver was $89.00. Our online company was able to offer the same 1100 PPM silver product for less than 1/2 the retail price of the competition. Eventually we added colloidal gold, DMSO, Raw honey, whole food & anti-aging supplements. We have survived the recession, the roller coaster prices of silver and surpassed the new business failure rate, without raising our prices